Bernadette Denoux - Artist Statement - Miami, FL
Bernadette Denoux - Original Jewelry and Instruction
         Artist Statement
  Change is rebirth, and change I did when I retired from teaching to become a full time studio jeweler and metal clay instructor.  The piece named “Change is Rebirth” depicts a young lizard being born and emerging from it's egg. This piece has actually become a turning point for me. Not only does it represent a change in my life’s work, but I have now been able to accomplish a dream of expressing myself through my chosen medium. Through ongoing education and experimentation, I have become passionate about creating small sculptures to wear as jewelry.
   The many dimensions in nature, history, and architecture inspire, and influence me. I seldom make flat pieces, and often will design a piece that can be worn on more than one side. For me depth creates intrigue and interest in all art forms. Mixed media using glass, semi-precious stones, and various forms of color applications, help to create the dimension that I desire to achieve. Metamorphosis often occurs with my pieces during the process of creation reflecting past influences or present images in my mind’s eye. After all, this a creative outlet, with a good deal of subconscious influence working in harmony with my original design plans, if I have an open mind and let changes occur along the way.
  In addition to traditional jewelry techniques, I work in metal clay which has opened a whole new world of jewelry design possibilities. Metal Clay simply is fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder with water. When textured, formed, and fired, the fine silver fuses together leaving the original form now in pure silver. I am also a passionate teacher with this new medium, and feel a sense of joy when I have a student that is very excited as they finish their first piece, and exclaim, “I can’t believe that I made this”. It is my hope and dream that I can continue learning and teaching others what I have learned. In doing so, helping others discover their creativity, and changing all of our lives for the better.