Bernadette Denoux - Certification Descriptions - Miami, FL
Bernadette Denoux - Original Jewelry and Instruction
TBA as soon as I have 3 interested students. Contact me to get on the waiting lists for the  certifications. For any certification a deposit is required 2 weeks in advance to order the registered materials kit. This will ensure that your name will be registered as certified, enabling you to take advantage of certified pricing with Art Clay World and many other suppliers.
Metal Clay Level One Art Clay Certification -Four days from 10:00 to 4:00 totaling 24 hours. This certification is designed for those who have worked with metal clay, and now would like to gain the knowledge and recognition of having completed the projects required to demonstrate this. If you have been working with metal clay, and are ready for certification this will teach you new techniques and enable you to teach intro level classes. If you have taken several classes or my 2 courses then you are ready for this certification. $800.00

*Crossover from PMC Certification-One 8 hr. day- $450.00.  If you have a level one certification with PMC and would like to be certified with Art Clay, then you can crossover to get the Art Clay  Certification.
Art Clay Senior Certification –Four 8 hr. days- $1200.00     32 hrs. total. As a senior instructor you are entitled to certify others if that is your goal.
  Please understand that I will need a minimum of 2 weeks to order the kit needed for your certification. The kit is registered with your name by Art Clay as the registering student being certified by me.
 The benefits of being certified are many. When you are certified you can receive  discounts with many  Metal Clay vendors by sending them a copy of your certificate. You will be entitled to teach classes if you choose to, and you'll learn many new and valuable techniques to enhance your skills even if you choose not to teach right away.
Call me for questions about certifications and classes.