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Tools and Resources for Working in Metal Clay
Basic Tool Kits will be available for use included in the course and individual classes. You are encouraged to bring your own tools and textures to class to enhance your individual experience if you have them. Here is a list of items that you will need to work with metal clay in your own studio.
Small cups for olive oil and water    
 Olive oil or other natural resist 
Glass or plastic cutting boards for work surface
Plastic rolling tube- Can be PVC pipe
Snake Roller-A piece of hard plastic aprox.2.5”x 6”
Flexible cutter-often found in polymer clay depts.
X-acto blade and palette knife
Rubber tipped clay shapers and/or foam tip applicators
Needle Tool
Playing Cards and various sizes of drinking straws
Sand paper in several med to fine grits and emery boards
3M Sanding Pads and Needle files
Artist’s brushes-small
Wire brush-small
Polishing Cloths
Clay Keeper and small spray bottle
Additional Tools and materials for Metal Clay:
Dremel or battery nail shaping tool
Plastic Wrap to keep clay air tight
Clay Keeper with Magic Crystals used in flower arranging 
Trays to sand and file in to reclaim filings
Rubber Stamps , Molds , textures, cookie cutters
Cubic Zirconias or lab grown stones to fire in place. Be sure they are intended for this application and tested by the supplier
Magnification visors
Liver of sulfur, Black  max , Silver Black to darken the recessed areas to add interest.
Fine silver Wire and findings for stones and embedding in clay for toggles, clasps etc.
Agate Burnisher
Tefflex(also called Craft sheet), freezer paper, and index cards for drying
Cup (candle) warmer, Food Dehydrator, warming tray, electric griddle (warm),or toaster oven –to dry clay
Butane Torch, Speed fire cone, Ultralite, or Kiln for firing
The list goes on, but you don’t need all of this. Many things can be found in your home.
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