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                    What is Metal Clay ?
     "Midnight Opera ca 1890" in the Gallery of Hattie Sanderson's Metal Clay Rings book.
  Metal Clay is a scientifically engineered amazing material that originated in Japan in the early 1990's.  It is a soft, nontoxic clay that consists of powder-like microscopic particles of precious or base metals suspended in a mix of organic binder and water. Fine silver, sterling, gold, bronze, copper, and other metals have been specifically engineered in different forms to be used in creating objects d' art.
  Metal Clay can be textured, formed, and shaped into jewelry components, beads, and small sculptures. After it is formed into the desired shape, it is dried and fired by a torch or kiln.When fired, the binder burns away, and the metal particles fuse together to form the desired piece.
  The metal can be finished with a variety of techniques traditionally used by jewelry artists to produce stunning pieces. Enamels, gold, resins, colored concrete, pencils, gems, pearls and more can be used to embellish and add interest to the metal.
   There are lots of websites and books that can be used as references, but learning from a good teacher cuts through all the questions, and provides support. I have had many people that tell me that they tried working with metal clays only to become frustrated because they watched a YouTube video, and the results were not the same.
  If you ever have any questions, please call, and I'll try to answer any and all of your questions. It is best to reach me by phone.
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Mokume Gane Ring in Hadar Jacobson's new book "Metal Clay Practice".