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A Gorgeous Selection of Custom Jewelry Items


At Bernadette Denoux Art Jewelry & Instruction, I offer a fine selection of handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry items. I can custom-make various pieces, including rings, which can be made to size specifications. Feel free to call me in Miami, Florida, if you have any questions.

Desert Rose - $350

This is a convertible necklace. Use the beaded Kumihimo cord with other pendants, or use the pendant on other cords. The pendant is a pink-and-grey jasper surrounded by fine silver with a tourmaline cabachon. The piece was made for the stone and mirrors the stone's pattern.

Dragon Love - $150.00

My love for all things dragon drew me to make this fused glass dragon with silver metal clay. The toggle is also a unique piece fashioned by hand.

Midnight Opera ca. 1890 Custom-Made to Size - $350.00

This is a large ring with your choice of CZ custom-made to your size; it is made with fine silver of
metal clay.

Lampwork Glass Bead Bomb - $ 80.00

This item has gorgeous shades of emerald and sage green glass bead wire-worked on to a leather cord with a silver metal clay toggle.

Sea Life: Necklace - $60.00, Earrings - $45.00 (Sold)

This is a copper metal clay necklace and earring combination. The copper is patinated green and wire-worked with Sxorovski crystals.  

Tassel $250.00

This is a long necklace of sterling silver with large pearls, Swarovski crystals, and a large tasseled Hill Tribe pendant.

Artichoke Gem Tassel - $260.00

This is a long necklace of sterling silver chain with a fine silver artichoke of metal clay tasseled with peridot and garnet drops.

Black Druzzi - $280.00

This black stone is bezel set on sterling silver with a moonstone and silver casting making it look very mysterious. It is a convertible necklace on a black beaded kumihimo cord that can be worn with or without the pendant or interchanged with other pieces; it is a very useful and wearable piece.

Viking Gold - $180.00

This made of fine silver metal clay with fused glass cabochon.

Earth Druzzi - $280.00 (Sold)

This is a sterling silver long necklace with earth tone, faceted agate beads. Its pendant is set with prongs on sterling silver with broom casting embellishment.

Mojume Gane Metal Clay Ring - $180.00 *My Collection*

This is a copper, bronze, and steel ring made in a special technique called mokume gane, which is an ancient Japanese wood graining metal technique. It is now also done in metal clays. This ring can be made to your size.

Leaf in a Window Basket - $280.00

This is a .999 silver metal clay with a reversible, two-side pendant on a sterling silver chain.

Tribal Worry Ring - $150.00 (Sold)

This is a .999 of silver metal clay with a spinning inner band.

Seas of Japan - $280.00 (Sold)

Dichroic glass set into fine silver of metal clay

Sailing - $180.00 (Sold)

Dichroic glass set into fine silver of metal clay

Chinese Village

A bronze pendant with a Chinese village scene; approximately 2” x 3”

Suspended on a Bridge *My Collection*

This piece is the third-place winner in The Jewelry Design challenge by lark Books in 2011. It has a sterling sheet that is roll printed as well as a fine silver mesh riveted together. It has fine silver and prong-set pearls.

Moon Rock $150.00

This is fine silver with 24 karat gold suitable for a man or woman to wear.

Funky Flower Ring - $150.00

A sterling silver with a large black druzzi, this ring can be made to size.

India - $300.00 *My Collection*

A fine silver focal clasp and end caps secure the multiple strands of tourmaline beads.

Faux Riveted Ring - $90.00

This is a fine silver ring band that is textured and can be made
to your size.

Pearl Ring - $130.00

This is a textured fine silver that can be made to your size.

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